The Mummifier

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The resurrection ritual of the Star Pharaohs is one of the wonders of the galaxy. Using only a Resurrection Sarcophagus, a ceremonial Sickle containing all necessary base elements, and a generous helping of nanite mummy tape, a wounded Star Pharaoh can be brought from a pile of scrap and circuits to a mint-condition warrior in a matter of days.
But the Star Pharaohs do not always have days to win a battle- sometimes they need their men back on the battlefield in hours if not minutes. Enter The Mummifier, the nightmarish embalmer, towering over the troops and loaded with highly advanced nanite-infused mummy tape.

Lingering behind the front lines, the Mummifier picks up wounded warriors and wraps them in advanced mummy wrap, which dissolves and rebuilds them right there on the battlefield. Doubtless they are not in as prime a condition as if they were to go through the full Resurrection ritual, but in the heat of battle, anything that can give the Star Pharaohs an edge over their hated alien foe is welcome, no matter how unnerving the Mummifier and its creepy arachnid movements may make them.

The Mummifier fits on a 60mm base and serve as a great proxy for an elite healing unit in 28mm scifi wargaming.

This is a high resolution resin miniature kit.  Many miniatures require a bit of cleanup and assembly and arrive unpainted.