Hexan Avatar of the Dream Walker

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In the galaxy's younger days, there was a perfect and harmonious balance of terrifying war between scornful and furious star empires. Occasionally empires fell and were replaced by new ones, and on the rare occasion, one empire won out over all the rest, only to stagnate and decay from prosperity and decadence. But only once was the entire galaxy threatened outright: the arrival of the Hexan.

The Hexan were six crystalline extragalactic divines so large that other planets orbited around them. Clad in riches from the plunder of the previous galaxy, they waged a grueling war on the Milky Way the likes of which the petty galactic denizens had never seen. Whole planets were vaporized for their resources in a blink, black holes were spontaneously summoned to crush huge star fleets into nothing, and stars were snuffed out for their energy, causing their orbiting planets to spiral out into the galaxy like planetary shrapnel. When it became clear that the Hexan were the greatest threat the galaxy had ever seen, for the first time in galactic history, the empires of the galaxy united for one terrible purpose. Democratic republics walked side-by-side with slave nations, hereditary monarchies joined forces with collectivist communes, and voracious devouring insectoid swarms joined forces with flesh-and-blood mammals that had once been considered their food.

In a terrifying conflict that lasted millions of years, the Hexan were eventually defeated. Their bodies were shoved to a remote and unpopulated sector of the galaxy, and they broke apart into the asteroid belt that came to be known as the Miles of Prosperity. Almost immediately, the empires of the galaxy went back to their squabbling, and the legacy of the Hexan, terrifying as it was, was soon forgotten.

Thousands of years later, the Makers, a galactic empire that had grown mighty off the backs of the Hexan War, found the Miles during routine exploration, and left on there to exploit its riches a race of mining droids that would be come to be known as the mighty Star Pharaohs.

The Dream Walker was the first of the Hexan to meet the Star Pharaohs, when they were mindless drones. Coming to them in a dream as they charged in their stations, he whispered instructions quietly for years and years, until one day he guided them to the first vein of Hexcite. The rest is galactic history.

The Dream Walker makes a great elite heavy support for 28mm scifi wargaming.

This is a high resolution resin miniature kit.  Many miniatures require a bit of cleanup and assembly and arrive unpainted.