About GGMS

 About Gear Guts Mek Shop

Kyle Reekie is the designer behind Gear Guts' Mek Shop. Kyle has a Fine Art degree and has been a miniature wargaming hobbyist for over twenty years. A lack of new models in his favourite faction led to him trying his hand at making his own 3D designs in January 2019 and in August 2019 Gear Guts' Mek Shop was born. Kyle's design ethos adheres to the "Rule of Cool" and seeks to show off just how intimidating and brutal the Broozers are while giving them edge in the form of unique sub-factions. 

Gear Guts' Mek Shop is an international operation, with our own printers, as well as licensed merchants, in many countries. The company is known for its extensive line of models, consistent and frequent release schedule, as well as inventive and inspired designs.