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Star Pharaohs

Left by their creators to exploit a huge yield of resources discovered inside an often-overlooked asteroid belt, a race of barely-sapient mining androids discovered a vein of mysterious Hex Crystals that granted them astonishing cognitive powers and galactic ambitions. But with their greater awareness came greater torment, because though they possessed the power to dream of a magnificent existence, they still found themselves enslaved to their original programming, which demanded that they exploit the so-called Miles of Prosperity to its fullest. So as never to forget the faces of the ones that abandoned them to space, the androids donned the ceremonial death masks of their Makers and named themselves the Star Pharaohs.  

Wrenching the Miles from its asteroid belt and embarking on a grand crusade, the Star Pharaohs have a new mission: to recover every last shard of Hex Crystal in the galaxy, no matter who or what stands in their way. Pray they do not find what they are looking for on your world… if you want to keep it.  


The Mummifier
Regular price $69.99
Deadshot Hexannihilator
Regular price $30.99
Hexan Avatar of the War Drake
Regular price $59.99
Hexan Avatar of the Dream Walker
Regular price $49.99
Dekonstructor Skarab
Regular price $30.99
Old Overpharaoh
Regular price $29.99
Pharaoh Queen
Regular price $27.99
Gestalt Hexan Avatar
Regular price $59.99
Warrior Barge
Regular price $89.99