Star Pharaoh Foundry

Star Pharaohs


Thousands of years ago, the advanced galactic civilization known as the Makers made the most important discovery in all their ten-thousand years of galactic exploration: a yield of industrial minerals, precious metals, and untapped energy hidden inside an overlooked asteroid belt so rich that it dwarfed all their previous findings combined. Naming this short span of asteroids the Miles of Prosperity, the Makers created a race of quasi-sapient androids to exploit and protect these resources as they continued their galactic ambitions.


The Makers gave the androids three unbreakable rules at the base of their programming: Mine the Miles, protect it from invaders, and fiercely recover any resources if they are stolen. Satisfied with their work, the Makers left the Miles to continue their galactic exploration – and never returned.


After some time, the androids made their own important discovery: A vein of hexagonal crystals which, when incorporated into their designs, granted them new cognitive awareness and galactic ambitions. Awake for the first time after thousands of years of armed conflict with invading aliens, they developed a pathological loathing for the Makers who had created them and so carelessly abandoned them to the perils of space. But while the Hex Crystals gave them new understanding, they were unable to reverse the base programming with which the Makers had cursed them. So as never to forget the faces of the ones who abandoned them, the androids donned the Makers’ ceremonial death masks and named themselves the Star Pharaohs.


It came as a tremendous shock to the Star Pharaohs when they were attacked by an advanced race of aliens wielding weapons powered by the very Hex Crystals previously thought only to exist in the Miles. After a long, hard, protracted battle, the Star Pharaohs realized that this could only mean one thing: that the Miles had been exploited by aliens for far longer than initially believed, and that the Hex Crystals to which they owed their sentience were likely scattered across the entire galaxy.


Wrenching the Miles from the asteroid belt to which it had been bound for millions of years embarking on a grand crusade, the Star Pharaohs have a new mission: To recover every last shard of Hex Crystal in the galaxy, no matter who or what stands in their way. Pray they do not find what they are looking for on your world… if you want to keep it.

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