Amira Watchkeeper

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A surviving religious text from a species which had the misfortune of hoarding a large chunk of Hex Crystals from the Star Pharaohs had this to say about their End Times:  

"And ye shall know the rank of thy conquerors by the bling of their weapons and the pop of their collars."  

The Amira Watchkeeper is a hardened veteran of many battles. Once a plucky Athanatos Lancer, he has proven himself a skilled tactician and able bodyguard. Charged with encouraging otherwise-flagging troops into fighting harder and protecting the Overpharaoh, the Amira Watchkeeper is part-time a bodyguard, part-time a drill sergeant, and full-time indispensable.  

The Amira Watchkeeper prints in 5 parts and makes a great Royal Warden proxy for 28mm scifi wargaming. There is an extra cape object in case you wish to print it out and add it to another unit for conversion purposes.  

This is a set of high resolution resin miniatures. Miniatures require cleanup.