The Wreckers Are Coming!

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Broozers fight in a futuristic setting, where the sounds of heavy artillery shells and small caliber fire drowns out all other noises. The smell of high explosives is the only thing that can temper the stench of the battlefield. What happens when the Greenskins find themselves teleported into a realm of high fantasy and low technology? 

The Wreckers are the Broozers’ distant kin. While looking equally imposing on the battlefield, the Wreckers are more of a motley crew: they come from many different tribes with many different specialties in warfare.


Wrecker Bolt Lobbers

Some of the Wreckers come from the swamps and specialize in shooting, but instead of bullets they unleash a barrage of arrows and spears upon their enemies.


Wrecker Guardians

Others still prefer a more up close and personal approach to warfare, donning everything from swords to pikes (and even shields, an approach unheard of by many of their Broozer cousins).


Wrecker Charioteer

Like the Speed Broozers, some Wreckers have a need to go as fast as possible, and you will find them piloting chariots at breakneck velocities.


Big Boss Warmistress

Wreckers from the North are mercenaries, offering up their crude clubs and GIANT war beasts to the fight, for a fee of course.

All will ally together in order to defeat the myriad of foes that they encounter in this new realm of magic and mayhem, because like their futuristic counterparts, Wreckers are looking for the biggest fight and the best loot they can find.


These models are designed to work with many different rule sets. They are also made with generic wargear options that can easily slot into many different factions within those rules. 


Step through into this new realm with Gear Guts Mek Shop this June.


  • Hello gearguts, I was wondering if you would like to hear an idea for a tribe I have. I looked around the internet and haven’t found it made for Orks yet. I was thinking “If Orks love to fight and die fighting, why not create some based on Vikings?”

    Tribe Idea on

  • I don’t play much fantasy but I certainly will be Kitbashing some of these unique models into some epic 40k minis because the sculpting is amazing!

    DabDadJL on

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