Warboss Gaijin Goombah on Warshrine

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Rising in power, Warboss Gaijin Goombah seeks glory and honor upon the battlefield. This brutal Warboss has been rebuilt time and time again. He embraces the most advanced technology his Broozers can find, like his rather advanced, bionic body. Gaijin is now mounted upon a Warshrine that sports a crude, yet somehow efficient cannon. He now leads the charge from a position of power, guided by his most loyal minions.

Designed in Collaboration with Gaijin Goombah, one of GGMS' Partner Affiliates. You can find more from him HERE and HERE

Approximate Dimensions: 118mm(L) x 96mm(W) x 120mm(H)

Suggested Base Size: 150mm Oval

This is a high resolution resin miniature kit.  Many miniatures require a bit of cleanup and assembly and arrive unpainted.