Skorp Swarms - x11

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After the discovery of the Hex Crystals and the realization that the Miles had been exploited by alien races since long before they arrived, the Star Pharaohs were forced to devote more time to recovering their stolen Hex Crystals than mining the Miles as their programming demanded. The solution was to develop a dedicated group of mining drones, much as their creators the Makers had done with the Star Pharaohs themselves. The Skorp Swarms turned out to be so efficient and effective that they are even able to join the Star Pharaohs in battle between mining shifts. Don’t let their cute appearance fool you- their pincers are able to squeeze asteroids into nanodiamonds and the antimatter beams on their tails can cut through the most powerful alien foes like fabric. Unlike the Makers, the Star Pharaohs stick by their creations, and the Skorp Swarms serve as an invaluable ally to their creators.  


Skorp Swarms fit on a 40mm base (3 Skorps can fit on a base) and serve as a great proxy for fast attack units in 28mm scifi wargaming.  

This is a high resolution resin miniature kit.  Many miniatures require a bit of cleanup and assembly and arrive unpainted.