Skorp Annihilators x3

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Most of the Star Pharaohs are content with their adopted crystalline divines, the Hexan. They participate in their rituals with enthusiasm, say their incantations with true conviction, and even offer the appropriate sacrifices uncomplainingly. However, there are those few members of the Star Pharaohs who do not trust the Hexan, and who openly defy and mock their directives. The Annihilator caste of Star Pharaohs believe heavily in bodily modification and mind reprogramming in order to separate themselves from their Star Pharaoh brethren as much as possible. That way, if the Hexan ever decide to turn on their metallic worshipers via mass mind control, they would find themselves up against a heavily armed, heavily modified contingent of Star Pharaohs who took great pains not only to to make it difficult to be used for the Hexan's will, but utterly impossible. 

The Skorp Annihilators are a unique alliance between both Star Pharaohs and Skorps- the mining droids of Star Pharaoh creation responsible of the bulk of mining and logistics operations in the Miles of Prosperity. The Skorp Annihilators form a chimera of the two beings who are united in their mistrust of the Hexan. Their eight robotic legs skitter so quickly and leap so easily across the surface of planets that it almost appears as if they can fly. 

This is a high resolution resin miniature kit.  Many miniatures require a bit of cleanup and assembly and arrive unpainted.