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Upon the realization that most of the Hex Crystals that had once resided in the Miles had been stolen by alien races and scattered across the Galaxy, the Star Pharaohs made preparations for their most monumental task to-date: The prosecution of a war across the entire galaxy to recover that which rightly belonged to them. The only hope of accomplishing such a task was with the leadership of the greatest military minds the Galaxy has ever seen, and the mighty Overpharaohs are those extreme few who were able to rise to this impossible occasion. The Overpharaoh is able to direct enough troops to besiege entire star systems while precisely calculating the logistics required to arm and supply every single member of the thousands of armies at his command. In times of extreme need, the Overpharaoh can take to the battle himself, slicing whole platoons of aliens with a single stroke of his Hex Warglaive, removing legions of soldiers from the chain of causality with his Continuum Crossbow, and resurrecting fallen warriors with blasts from his Resurrection Crystal. Woe betide those unlucky enough to find themselves anywhere near a lost Hex Crystal, lest the Star Pharaohs, lead by the terrifying Overpharaohs, come to claim what is theirs.  


The Overpharaoh fits on a 32mm base and makes a great HQ proxy for 28mm scifi wargaming.  

This is a set of high resolution resin miniatures. Miniatures require cleanup.