Ourobouros Priest

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The Star Pharaoh hierarchy is a complicated and esoteric field of study, and not even the Overpharaohs can keep track of the various splinters, schisms, and changing loyalties on a daily basis. But there is no confusion about the ecclesiastical class: The Star Pharaoh priests do not have loyalties to the Star Pharaohs. They serve the Hexan. 

The Ourobouros Priest was once a brave Iteru Deadshot who had so effectively wielded his Neural Dismantler that he nearly secured his objective all by himself against an entire standing alien army. However, even his overwhelming skill could not overcome the sheer number of alien hoards, and an opposing sniper managed to get a clear shot on him just as he had expended his last crystal shell. But just before the enemy bullet reduced him to splinters and wires, he found himself removed completely from the time stream, face to face with one of the six divine Hexan of the Star Pharaohs, the Messenger himself. Wordlessly, The Messenger handed him four mystical artifacts of the Ourobouros and made a gesture commanding complete obedience and devotion. The new Ourobouros Priest, with the aid of his new artifacts, found that the flow of time was no longer an inescapable doom of entropy and death, but an obedient plaything as suggestible and pliable as a loyal pet. Though most of his duties are devoted to honoring the Messenger, he occasionally deigns to return to the battlefield to aid the Star Pharaohs with his anti-entropic powers and making the occasional poignant observation such as "Time is just, like, your opinion, man." 

This is a high resolution resin miniature kit.  Many miniatures require a bit of cleanup and assembly and arrive unpainted.