Khopesh Kruiser or Khopesh Kharrier

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It is no secret that the Star Pharaohs have made a bold claim in the galaxy: that all Hexcite in existence belongs to them and them alone, and the opinions the hated alien may have of their temporary Hexcite stewardship is about as valuable as the alien's own lives, that is, not at all.

In order to make good on this claim, the Star Pharaohs have to secure territory, supply lines, and transport coherence as they extract the precious Hexcite from various parts of the galaxy and funnel it all back to the Miles. A key component in this vast trans-galactic network of exploitation is the Khopesh Kruiser, the fearsome flying machine that moves through punishing atmospheres and excessive gravity with the same ease it moves through the vacuum of space. In a pinch it can be fitted with a portal for warping troops directly from the Miles, in case the Hexcite supply lines need some ground-based security.

The Khopesh Kruser or Kharrier fits a 75mm flight base and makes a great flying striker or troop transport for 28mm scifi wargaming.

This is a high resolution resin miniature kit.  Many miniatures require a bit of cleanup and assembly and arrive unpainted.