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Ever since discovering the awesome mind-expanding powers of the Hex Crystals, the Star Pharaohs had long suspected that there was something more to the wondrous minerals that gave them their sentience. There was, after all, nothing quite like them in the galaxy: They had properties of conductivity, computational acceleration, matter manipulation, and even, as exhibited by the organic life-forms occasionally captured and experimented upon by the Star Pharaohs, psycho-activity.  

Additionally, unlike other materials found in the Miles, they seemed to exhibit a preference for how their energies should be directed. For military applications, especially those involving the recovery of Hex Crystals across the galaxy, the Star Pharaohs were never lacking in Hex Energy when engaging with the enemy. For applications of philosophy, art, and leisure, the Hex Crystals were practically as inert as stones, as if unwilling to yield their powers to such trifling matters. 

In an effort to get to the bottom of this mystery, the Star Pharaohs began the Hexalith Project. The task was to focus and refine an enormous amount of Hex Energy so the true nature of the Crystals could be revealed. 

The entire population of the Star Pharaohs gathered in the Miles Amphitheater to witness powering-on of the first Hexalith. With great pomp and ritual, the Star Pharaohs turned on the Hexalith- and in so doing uncovered a secret that had been hidden for tens of billions of years.  

The visages of six enormous crystalline beings leapt forth from the Hexalith like a magnificent holographic projector. Animal-headed, divinely proportioned, and towering over the Star Pharaohs, the six beings spoke as one to the gathered crowd of mechanical men. 

We are the Hexan.”  

Where once we ruled the Galaxy, now we are scattered.”  

Recover our bodies, our champions, and the galaxy shall be yours.”  

And with those words, the Star Pharaohs, who had never known anything greater than their own programming and self-perpetuation, dropped to their knees in service to their new masters.  

This is a high resolution resin miniature kit.  Many miniatures require a bit of cleanup and assembly and arrive unpainted.