Coalition Scorpion - Missile Pods

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Coalition Scorpions are top choice artillery options: mobile, accurate and precise. They assemble and disassemble quickly on a crowded battlefield.

Faction Lore:
The Jade Coalition are a part of the Terran Technocratic Union: a group comprised of three factions on pre-unity Earth. The Coalition force is gathered from several city-states that cover the Northeast of the Spine Mountains. Primarily a mobile force, they go to war with rail and coil weapons, as well as the most advanced surveillance and targeting systems on Terra. The Coalition is armed and armored with mechs, hover tanks, and a variety of combat and logistic drones. During the Wars of Unity, the Coalition acted as a mercenary force, working both for the Warlord of the Thunder Legions, and rogue technocratic enclaves. As unity became assured, the Coalition wholly threw in their lot with the nascent Imperium, and as the empire expanded beyond earth, the Coalition forces made up a portion of the Expedition Fleets. As civil war now breaks out across the galaxy, they have reverted to their mercenary tendencies: they bide their time, and wait to see which side will gain the upper hand.

This is a high resolution resin miniature kit.  Many miniatures require a bit of cleanup and assembly, and arrive unpainted.