Choppers x10 - Pack 2 'Beastie Huntas'

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Choppers are brutal melee weapons favored by Orcs. These weapons come in many shapes and sizes but typically consist of a large, bladed weapon attached to a handle or grip. The Orcs use Choppers for hacking and slashing their enemies in close combat, often adding extra spikes or blades to the weapon for maximum carnage. Despite their crude construction, Orc Choppers are deadly and effective weapons that reflect the Orcs' love of violence and their brutal nature.

These models are designed for use in 28-32mm miniature table top games.

Included are 5 Choppers and 5 Orc arms holding Choppers. (fully interchangeable/modular with other infantry Orcs for tons of customization)

This is a high resolution resin miniature kit.  Many miniatures require a bit of cleanup and assembly and arrive unpainted.