Broozer Bad Medic-A-STL Download

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Broozers bred for war, though durable, are far from immortal, and often times require a Medic to patch them back up to fighting strength. 

While the Broozer Medic is the master of his crafts, the Bad Medic has gone down a darker route, after being caught one too many time harvesting patients for spare bits has been run out of the force. Now selling his skills to the highest bidder, the Broozer Bad Medic skills are beyond that of the classic Medic's but with considerably more risk. 

Being a master of his craft, The Medic is not against dental work on teh side, and makes use of this craft on both ally and foe, using his comically sized drill to good effect. 

This is a 3D printable STL file set.