Tanya Gates - GGMS Partner Creator / GGMS Staff Member

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I started out as the first and only GGMS Affiliate and now I am the first and only GGMS staff member. I run the webstore and the Affiliate Program. As a content creator myself, I know the kind of work it takes to grow on multiple platforms and I use that understanding to help make the Affiliate Program mutually beneficial to both GGMS and content creators. 

I started off on Instagram in 2019 and dabbled on Twitch from 2020 to 2021. From there I moved to YouTube making educational videos to help new players learn Warhammer 40K. I am also a cohost of one of the oldest and most downloaded Warhammer 40K podcasts, Forge the Narrative. You can also frequently find me playing games with my friends at Play On Tabletop

I would describe my personal style as saturated cell-shading, and I would describe my process as cheap and cheerful (I paint entirely by paintbrush, with inexpensive tools). GGMS models really suit my personal style, and I find them the most enjoyable models I have ever painted. Below is a sample of my work, and while I don't take commissions, I am always happy to talk about this hobby with anyone. 

Warboss Warmistress on Dogosaur  Speed Broozer Jump Troopas A  Sneaky Broozers C  Primal Broozer Goblins A  Naut C  Monowheel Broozer Bikers A  Mekanics A  Mega Walker B  Gearguts Da Boss Mk. IV  Broozer Guard Troopas A  Armored Broozers C  Warboss Warmistress