Flesh Crafters Coven Miniatures

Long ago, before man even climbed from the primordial sludge, the Nosferii already had a galaxy spanning empire. Powerful noble houses controlled either singular planets or entire systems depending on their influence. Then came the fall. A blood borne disease quickly swept across the empire. Splinter enclaves managed to avoid the curse, most weren't so lucky. Blood, and torture were the only things that could quiet the raging voice in their heads. The Cabal high Bio-Viziers, part surgeon, part artisans were unable to quell the pandemic. Like carrion feeders they picked apart the corpse of their once great empire until only a handful of larger houses remained. With their numbers failing the Nosferii resort to subterfuge and machiavellian schemes. Only attacking with lightning quick pirate raids and surgical strikes to disrupt their enemies if their plots fail.

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