What Goes Into Making a Flagship Model? Interview with Da Boss!

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With Orktober right around the corner, it's almost time to reveal the newest version of Gearguts Da Boss. But before that happens, lets find out a little bit more about this iconic GGMS design and what goes through Da Boss' brain as he is creating them. Please enjoy this Q&A with Kyle Reekie, GGMS' owner and designer.


What inspired you to make the first Gearguts Da Boss model?

"The first Gearguts model was really an experiment to see if I could create a centerpiece figure for my force, something that would be both large and in charge, while also showcasing what I had learned so far."

Gearguts Da Boss Mark 1 Painted by Gearguts



Why did you feel the need to keep updating this particular character over the years?

"With that showcase/centerpiece concept established with the first model, I quickly realized that my own skills had gotten better after the first Gearguts Da Boss release, and started to feel like a new version was needed, as I had learned more about the programs I was using, and how I could sculpt better figures. This resulted in me wanting to recreate the Boss and used everything I had learned over the prior year to enhance its design... and of course, this continued year after year with each design getting the same sort of treatment, of adding what I had learned, and trying to improve upon the previous version."



Are there any "easter egg" or small details on the models over the years that people might have missed?

"The second version of the Boss would be the one that really set the theme going forward and established any repeated trends that could be shown on the Boss for each of its following versions. The duel clawed toes and the skeleton on the left leg becoming the most repeated aspects shown on the designs."

Gearguts Da Boss Mark 2 Painted by The Warmistress



What are the key differences between previous models and this current version?

"The changes between the Mk4 and Mk5 designs are mostly down to its pose and load out. Gone is the oversized claw with rending saws built into the palm, and instead a massive chainsaw the size of a normal Broozer's bike is carried in the reverse hand. The backpack has been upgraded with a far larger engine and now belches smoke as Gearguts charges into combat. He's gone from a Boss that its gloating in combat, roaring into the face of a Crusader, and now is in full motion, ready to bash a tank aside to get to the next fight!"

Gearguts Da Boss Mk 5 Teaser



What is your favourite part of this year's version?

"This year? Its honestly the smoke coming from the engines. It's a small detail that I've just started to experiment with, and I'm quiet pleased with how it has turned out."

Gearguts Backpack Closeup



What are your plans, visions or goals for next year's version?

"Looking to the future? I always want to be improving the design, adding more details and establishing Gearguts as a true threat on the battlefield. Whatever the next year will be, it will be BIG, BOLD, and BRUTAL."

Stay tuned to GGMS for the official release of this amazing model in October (as well as many other designs including some that are perfect for Halloween).


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