The Search For the Best Print Farm

Posted by Tanya Gates on

Hey everyone! Tanya here, and I wanted to tell you all about our print farm, how great it is, and how difficult it was to find!

If I had to pick one of the biggest hurdles GGMS has had as a business it has been the search for our current print farm. We had to kiss a lot of frogs to find our prince, so to speak. Early on with out first producer, we were riddled with misprints. We lost a lot of time and money producing replacement parts. It became clear that we needed to find someone new. 

Kaptain Krotukk miniature, unpainted, front Kaptain Krotukk miniature, unpainted, rear

Our next producers were having troubles still. The wrong models and parts were being printed and we thought it might be on our end. We went through our entire catalogue and made sure all the files were correct and easy to find (which took two years). This has been my pet project and I just recently finished it (which now allows me to do more fun projects, like this blog!) Unfortunately, while this solved many problems, we were still having issues with getting the orders printed in a timely manner. We went through 4 or 5 producers who just couldn't manage the pace of production that we needed, so off we went, looking for a new print farm. 

Mek Grandpa scale model, head, unpainted Dogosaur Chompers miniatures, unpainted

Finally, we found our current producer. They are everything that we were looking for: good quality, good communication and fast! Not only can they keep up with our pace of production but they take initiative and seem invested in GGMS as a company. We are doing everything we can to keep our production team happy, because we know how difficult they would be to replace, and we appreciate them! 

Alpha Dogosaur Miniature, in pieces, unpainted Alpha Dogosaur Miniature, in pieces, unpainted

I'm really interested to know, did you think this would have been the biggest hurdle for a small miniature company? Would you have thought something else would have been a bigger issue? Leave me a comment down below to let me know. I read each and every one. 

Until next time, be nice, and roll dice.


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