The Importance of Making Friends

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Tanya here with another look behind the scenes. 

You may have noticed that a couple weeks ago we released a very special model: the Stevemarine. This model is a collaboration with the YouTube channel Play On Tabletop.

Stevemarine Model


We don't often make named characters so you might be wondering about the story behind this model.

I had gone to a tournament late in 2019 and the Play On guys were there, but it was my first Warhammer 40k tournament and I was dealing with massive social anxiety. Space Marine Steve is one of the most recognizable faces on the Play On Tabletop channel and he was one of the only strangers to come over to talk to me at that tournament. It was really nice to just have someone come over and talk to me like anyone else at the event. It is sometimes hard to navigate being one of only a few women in a room (or sometimes the only woman in the room), so having this interaction was really nice and made me feel more comfortable. 

Late Summer 2020 I went to another (outdoor) event and had the opportunity to talk with JT a little bit. JT is the voice of Play On Tabletop, and you hear him narrating the majority of their videos. He had a good look at my army and also came over to say "hello". It was a nice little visit, and overall that event is still high on my list of favourite Warhammer events I have ever attended. 

A few months after that I got a message from Steve asking me if I would be interested in coming down to Play On Tabletop to be a guest on the show. At the time I had major reservations about playing the game for strangers to watch because I had been experiencing some mean comments on my personal social media accounts. Women are always held to a higher standard within the Warhammer community. Steve took the time to put me at ease and ensured that the experience and the final product would be really fun. I agreed and the experience was amazingly positive. I feel like I made amazing friends with everyone at Play On Tabletop that weekend. I have since been down to film a few more battle reports and Play On really feels like home to me now. 

So when Play On wanted a Stevemarine made, I was more than happy to approach Da Boss with the collaboration. The pose, wargear and of course the hat are all made to Play On's specifications. Steve is a beloved member of Play On Tabletop. He is a positive force in the community, and his love for the game is infectious. You can't help but be happy when you are across the table from him. 

Since its release the Stevemarine is one of our best selling miniatures, and to me it shows the importance of making friends and building bridges with other creatives in the wargaming industry. Sometimes those relationships lead to opportunities, and sometimes those opportunities lead to personal growth. 

Without my friends at Play On I am not sure I would have ever put myself out there as much as I have now. With their constant encouragement I have started my own YouTube channel, and continued to go to events. I am so grateful to all the friends I have made in the wargaming industry and I can't wait to do more collaborations in the future. 

Who would you like to see GGMS collaborate with in the future? Leave your ideas in the comments!

Until next time, be nice and roll dice.



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  • This is honestly the only reason I started to play Warhammer again. I spend way too much time at home. I love my wife, but she has friends she hangs out with from time to time and I don’t have friends that I see face-to-face. Now I have a friend who can come over and play/hangout from time to time which is great!

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