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Hey everyone! Tanya here, and I want to share a little bit about my recent trip to Play On Tabletop. It's probably my last trip now until the snow melts in the spring and that is always kind of sad, because I always miss my friends through the winter. I have some great memories to tide me over until the thaw, however. 

Selfie of Tanya in her Play On Tabletop shirt

Travelling to Play On for me is a bit of a trek. I drive 5 hours each way to get there and back, through mountain passes for most of the way. I love driving and it's very beautiful, but in the winter it is really treacherous. This time around I was very lucky to have beautiful, clear weather both ways (which in November is a rare treat).

Upon reaching the Play On Studio I had the added joy of meeting some friends in-person. After many years of online friendship it was so good to finally meet Kailey (aka @nurgle_snurgle), Laura (aka @blushingnoisemarine) and GGMS Affiliate Dr. Rhino . Our guide in the city this night was my very good friend Mubin, and fans of Play On will recognize him as their resident Thousand Sons player and editor. We went for dinner and chatted and had a great evening on the Sunday. I always find it so incredible that you can meet someone in person after chatting online for years, and it really doesn't feel like the first time seeing their face. I'm so grateful for this experience and it's a memory I will cherish.

Play On Tabletop Studio Banner (since we can't show too much behind the scenes in the studio)

Monday was game day! I had the absolute pleasure of playing against Kailey and her stunning Nurgle Demons. I had played against Demons before so I knew that my list would have to be piloted carefully to have a chance to win it. People who know me know that I like to play off-meta choices with my Orks and this was no different. I don't want to give away too many spoilers so here are a couple shots of our game in progress. 

Nurgle Demons vs. Orks : Grots standing the line against a Beast of Nurgle

Nurgle Demons vs Orks : Squighog Boys ready to charge Belakor on the objective.

For some reason we ended up playing a very tactical game and it was exciting to the very end. I can't wait for you all to see the battle report. Stay tuned to this space: I will post the link to the battle report when it goes live. 

On Tuesday I got to play D&D with some of the Play On staff and that video will only be going out to Patrons of Play On Tabletop. The game was silly and fun and I couldn't roll dice to save my life, but sometimes that makes the best stories and this is one of those times. We were told to make our characters to be inspired by ourselves, and I went hard into that. My Barbarian had low Dexterity because I have arthritis after playing a full contact sport for years, it made for some hilarious combat results. 

Another really sweet D&D story is that I got to use this mini in particular. This mini was painted for me by my incredibly sweet friend Tom (aka @thesadandlonelygamer). He is another friend that lives across the globe from me, and being able to have this mini at the table with me really meant a lot. I had to leave her at Play On while she gets her glamour shots done, but she will return to my collection soon enough. 

Tanya's D&D character : Titania the Human Wolf Totem Barbarian

And just like that, another whirlwind tour through Play On Tabletop is over. Tak is the most gracious host and very hard to give praise to, so I will take this moment in this blog to scream his praises. I wish everyone could have a friend like Tak: generous, honest and committed to supporting you through your personal growth. I can't wait until I get to see him and the whole crew again in the spring. Waiting is hard but these memories get me through it. 

I feel so lucky to be able to call the folks at Play On my friends, and I really feel like that I am a better person through knowing them. Are you a fan of Play On? Let me know some of your favourite Battle Report moments in the comments. 

Until next time, Be Nice and Roll Dice. 



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