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Hello everyone!

Last week we had a big development: we added another licensed product line to the store! Licensed products at GGMS are physical miniatures that are designed by other creators. Those creators retain the rights to sell their digital files, but GGMS offers a production service for customers who do not 3D print for themselves. I thought I would take a little time today to introduce you to the brands we currently carry. 


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Matt, Seb and Will, are part of a three-man team creating 3D printable miniatures for tabletop gaming. They mostly focus on the theme of gothic sci-fi, and their miniatures are perfect for use as wargaming alternatives. The Makers Cult is a prolific group of creators and we are very excited to carry their products. 

Dimaxatron Genomorphs Pyro-TOS

Juggernauts Coalition Viper Y80 Combat Frame

EXO Suits Map Room Heavy Infantry




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Star Pharaoh Foundry

Star Pharaoh Foundry is forging legions of metal men in service to the glorious Hexan! The Foundry was our very first licensed product line and it is quite extensive. If you are looking for robots for science fiction table top games, the Foundry has you covered.

Deadshot Hexannihilator Hexalith Mummifier




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Golden Dragon Games


Golden Dragon Games officially started in July of 2021, with the creation of their first paid set of STLs. However, the more accurate “birthday” would be December of 2021, when their Patreon first went live. GDG produces wonderfully detailed kits, and are our newest offering on the store. We are also planning to add another GDG line to the store very soon so make sure to check back often to find out when that goes live!

Sherman Infantry Squad Kodiak



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