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The GGMS Partner Program is up and running! GGMS Partners are hand-picked from our Affiliates. We choose people who have proven to be great brand ambassadors and community leaders.

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Tanya is a Podcaster, YouTuber and GGMS' Administrative Staff Member. Tanya was the first Affiliate and eventually became the program manager. Get to know Tanya a bit better with this fun Q&A! 


Q. How did you find out about miniature wargaming?

I didn't find out about wargaming until I was in my mid 20s. As a girl growing up in Canada, Warhammer and wargames in general just weren't something you could find unless you knew to look for them. I made a new friend when I was 25, and he introduced me to Warhammer 40k. He knew I loved science fiction and artistic endeavours so it was a good fit. We played floorhammer and became better friends, and shortly after that we got engaged. My husband and I have been together for 10 years now, and we each have a ridiculous collection of minis. 


Q. Why did you choose greenskins?

I actually think greenskins chose me. I had been friends with the Boss for a while, and had also been growing my social media presence with my painted guard army. I came out to visit and to help with "Da Big Game", an annual Apocalypse game with his Orks versus basically as many people as it takes to make a force to rival his. He sent me home with some of his designs because he had been trying to convince me to paint some for a while. It turns out they were really fun to paint and it kind of just snowballed from there. 

Da Big Game Da Big Game


Q. Does your army have an overall theme or any fun lore associated with it?

Unfortunately no. I chose to paint them blue because Deathskulls lore of being lucky looters really spoke to me. I never collect minis that I don't intend to play with, and lucky rerolls and objective secure infantry at the time seemed really fun. My Orks are a hodgepodge of Broozers that I just really enjoy the look of. I don't have any rhyme or reason as to which designs I collect out of the ridiculously expansive GGMS range.

Da Warmistress' Boys

Q. Tell us about your Kustom Warboss miniature.

As the first official affiliate, I have been in this program the longest, and as such I have three different Warboss designs. 

My first warboss has a traditional armed forces theme to mirror my first love in Warhammer 40K: the Astra Militarum. 

Infantry Warmistress Warboss 


My second warboss has a Catachan theme, but we kept a little nod to the first version with his power shovel. My pets came along for the ride too. 

Cavalry Warmistress Warboss


My third boss is really new! I haven't even gotten it back from the printer yet! This one is a huge departure from the others and that is because this is the first release from the new fantasy based "Wrecker" line of Broozers. I have been playing Age of Sigmar a lot and my force of choice is Ogor Mawtribes. I wanted something I could field while playing that game too so I plan to use this as a custom Frostlord on Stonehorn.

Big Boss Warmistress

Q. Why did you want to be a GGMS Partner?

Again, I kind of feel like the affiliate program found me. The program didn't really exist before I was added to it. It sounded like a fun new challenge and a great way that I could potentially help out a friend's small business. I had no idea then that it would lead to the most rewarding and challenging job that I have ever had. I really love being a part of the GGMS team and I love finding new ways to grow our presence in the field of miniatures and miniature wargaming. 



Check out Tanya's LinkTree to see all the cool things she is up to, and stay up to date with all the new things she has coming up.


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