Introducing GGMS Partner Affiliate MikeMoans!

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The GGMS Partner Program is up and running! GGMS Partners are hand-picked from our Affiliates by Da Boss and Tanya. We choose people who have proven to be great brand ambassadors and community leaders.

Partner Affiliate Mike Moans

Mike is a Twitch Affiliate specializing in D&D and Greenskins. We are so proud to announce Mike as one of our inaugural Partners. Get to know Mike a bit better with this fun Q&A!  

Q. How did you find out about miniature wargaming?

The Deagostini The Lord Of The Rings Battle Games in Middle Earth magazines. Issue one came with paints and Moria goblins. From there I played the Middle Earth Strategy Battle game up to tournament level.

Q. Why did you choose greenskins?

Games Workshop, when they sold me the 40k product, pushed me towards Space Marines, as they were just being re-released. After some pressuring, I bought a 500 point force and it just lacked fun. Building, painting and playing just felt hollow. Upon discovering the White Dwarf issue showing a Kult of Speed army, I loved the converting and vibrant colours.

Q. Does your army have an overall theme or any fun lore associated with it?

My force mirrors that White Dwarf army. It has 2 simple rules: everything must look fast, and no two vehicles should look the same.

Mike's Trike Boss

Q. Tell us about your Kustom Warboss miniature.

My Boss is based in-part on my look, and my tiny, furry overlord. As a content creator, my audience is split between me as the bearded brush jockey, and my cat, Willow, who here is a "catasaur". 

Mike Moans and Willow the Cat

I have always appreciated the brutality and charisma of Greenskins. The loud personality, the flashiness, and the love of combat inspired a wrestling theme: shown by the augmented hands for grappling and the flashiness of the "Mike Moans" knuckles. Finally the Iron Crusader underfoot shows my growth in the hobby.

Mike Moans Warboss on Bike

Q. Why did you want to be a GGMS Partner?

The GGMS brand appealed to my two simple rules. There are enough custom parts and unique sculpts to make everything both fast and unique.

I found in the early days of miniature collecting, I was railroaded into certain cultures and spending. Major brands preach how their way is superior, and almost hide the competition. I like to show people alternatives to the dominating brands. You need not be limited to one brand's tools, models, or styles. [GGMS is] a creator who not only paves their own path, but also respects other paths, [we are] a good match.

As a hobbyist, I was tutored by veteran gamers who made time to teach me lore, tools, techniques and alternatives. I have always tried to pass on the blessing I received [back] to my crowd. Without a local store, that crowd formed on Twitch. This program’s an extension of that reach.

Make sure to give Mike a follow on Twitch and check out his short painting tutorials on YouTube.

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  • Congrats buddy! GG is by far the best value of detailed creative Greenskinned awesomeness on Patreon and having great ambassadors for the brand is amazing!

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