Introducing GGMS Partner Affiliate Krotukk!

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The GGMS Partner Program is up and running! GGMS Partners are hand-picked from our Affiliates by Da Boss and Tanya. We choose people who have proven to be great brand ambassadors and community leaders.


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Krotukk is a Twitch Partner and has boundless and infectious enthusiasm for the hobby. We are so proud to announce Krotukk as one of our inaugural Partners. Get to know Krotukk a bit better with this fun Q&A! 


Q. How did you find out about miniature wargaming?

Way back in the before-times, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, My best friend in middle school had a decent force of Dark Angels! I would watch him paint them while playing Runescape on his mom's computer in their den! Wargaming didn't grab me for years to come yet!

Q. Why did you choose greenskins?

I didn't originally choose greenskins! Years after seeing my friend and his marines, I had moved away. In high school, I picked up a tactical squad of Ultramarines and Marneus Calgar and started painting them up! (Poorly. I was not good at it.) For my roommate's birthday, I got the Assault on Black Reach box set and gave him the Orks half of the box! I also helped him paint some of the box and loved it. Y E A R S later, I had sold all of my marines, I had started streaming and another of my friends had opened a LGS! In medieval combat sports, I had dressed up and taken on the fighting style of an ork and he knew it! He got me Kaptin Badrukk as a gift! I took it RIGHT up and hit the ground running getting back into the hobby! NOW I'm a full fledged Freebooter Speed Freek!

Q. Does your army have an overall theme or any fun lore associated with it?

A. Yes! It's one of the warbands of Freebooters that ally themselves with Kaptin Badrukk! Speed Freekz have banded together with some M A D mekz and have some of the wildest and fastest bikes, buggies, planes, trains, tanks, and whirlygigz this side of Gork'z grin! The maddest of all the Speed Freekz is "Eddie" (short for SPEED BOSS 'EADSNACHA!) His Killa Klaw is said to be able to snap up heads RIGHT OFF shoulders as he rides by on his Warbike at Mork 10!


Q. Tell us about your Kustom Warboss miniature.

A. My Kustom Warboss is "KAPTIN KROTUKK", a Brutal and Kunnin' Freebooter with ambitions to rival even KAPTIN BADRUKK! Part Speed Freek, Part Pirate, ALL Cybork! "KAPTIN ON DEKK!" Part of my inspiration for loving freebooters so much is seeing the space pirates in my favorite movie of all time "Treasure Planet"!


Q. Why did you want to be a GGMS Partner?

A. I wanted to be a GGMS Partner originally because I loved the designs and think there aren't any orkier orkz than the BROOZERZ!! But then I got to know DA BOSS 'IMSELF and see the community surrounding him and I love the general vibe of the folks I see! Truly a company I can get behind.


Make sure to give Krotukk a follow on Twitch and drop into his paint-a-long streams happening every Wednesday in May!



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