Introducing GGMS Partner Affiliate Earh0x!

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The GGMS Partner Program is up and running! GGMS Partners are hand-picked from our Affiliates. We choose people who have proven to be great brand ambassadors and community leaders.


Earh0x Partner Affiliate


Earh0x is YouTuber and paint-focused GGMS Partner. Get to know Earh0x a bit better with this fun Q&A!


Q. How did you find out about miniature wargaming/painting?

I started painting in the early/mid 80s as we needed minis for our homebrew RPGs. Some of them were existing rule sets and we changed all the things we didn't like, some were completely written by us. One day we went to the hobby shop to look for NPC models. At that time all we really had available were the crappy old Ral Partha and Grenadier models. We asked at the counter about some type of model or another, and the "D&D guy" said "Hey, we just got this new game called Warhammer in and the models are pretty sweet, you should check em out." Well, we were blown away. They were so chunky and brutal looking compared to the alternatives. I remember looking through every single blister pack, and then came to the Space Orks. And that was all I was interested in painting after that.


Meganob by Earh0x


Q. Why did you choose greenskins?

Those initial Ork releases looked so goofy, yet formidable. And just the idea of space greenskins vs normal mountain cave greenskins was just really funny and cool to me. Obviously there was no internet then, so I learned bits and pieces of the lore from the occasional White Dwarf issues we could get our hands on. The more lore I learned, the more I loved them!


Q. Do your minis have an overall theme or any fun lore associated with them?

Not especially. I generally like to kitbash a model and then decide how to paint it based in how it looks, like oh he looks like he would rock camo pants, or whatever. Unless it's GGMS models, because they look badass just as they are! I think the closest thing I have to that is my logo character, H0xghor Murdatoof, which I would like the name of upcoming boss model to be named lol.


Gearguts Da Boss by Earh0x


Q. Why did you want to be a GGMS Partner?

I kept seeing GGMS models in the greenskins groups and was like DAMN! I gotta get some of those! I really like how bulky they are. People would ask about them in my streams, and when the opportunity arose, I thought it would be really cool to be officially associated with the models I love so much, and it would be a great way to help even more people know about GGMS, and also help them save a few bucks on their orders. I'm absolutely honored to be a GGMS partner!


Check out Earh0x's LinkTree to see all the cool things he is up to, and stay up to date with all the new things he has coming up.


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