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What an amazing trip!

Somehow my second trip to Vancouver to film with the Play On team managed to outdo the previous one.

Play On logo at the entrance of the studio

Going into this visit I knew it was going to be special. From early in the planning process with the Play On team I knew we were going to find a way to get my dad involved. Just over a year ago my dad had expressed interest in learning to play Warhammer 40K; after my shock wore off I readily agreed to teach him. He’s been learning to play Dark Angels ever since. I was chatting with the Play On team and we landed on having him involved with the live stream that we would do in addition to the 40k in 40m episode that I would get to shoot with the one and only Mr. Initiative and his Orks.

I had prepared several models that I was very excited to “premiere” on the channel. Chief among these I couldn't wait to see my Armigers (aka my Archangels), Triumph of St Katherine (complete with Emperor’s Ipod), Seraphim (with rattlecan flamers), and several characters that I'm very proud of. In addition I would be bringing my custodes for the tag team live stream (fun rhyme there) with my dad against Tycho. The OTHER fun thing that we got to prepare was a little wager that would be part of the narrative of the 40k in 40m match vs James. James and I agreed that the loser of our game would have to get a tattoo of the winners faction logo, so if I win he gets a Fleur-de-lis and if he wins I get an Ork skull. High stakes indeed. 

Dr. Rhino's Armigers

All of this having been decided and confirmed my dad and I packed up and headed to Chicago to fly out to Vancouver. The flights were uneventful: we even landed slightly ahead of schedule. Hilariously the car the rental service gave us was the biggest vehicle I have ever been in: PERFECT for the city streets and parking garages of Vancouver (massive sarcasm). We ended up saving money and just leaving it at the place we were staying and Uber-ing everywhere.

As far as the 40k in 40m shoot, I won't spoil anything for you. But I will say the shoot was a blast and the game was one of the best I've ever played. James is an amazing person and a fantastic Warhammer opponent. Beyond that you will have to watch the video when it releases and see what happens!

Dr. Rhino's converted sisters of battle

The next day was the live stream, and that was also one of my top Warhammer games ever. A fun, casual game, on Play On, with my dad, against Tycho. I couldn't've asked for a better combination. The dad jokes were flying thick and fast and though they pained me greatly we managed to pull out a win against Tycho and his Death Guard. After the live stream I got to induct my dad into the ranks of the “Hot Pot Homies”: a fun name for the guests who go out for hot pot with the Play On team. He even told me after the trip that it was his favorite meal he had in Vancouver. 

Speaking of food. OH MY LORD, I love to eat in Vancouver. Tak even played tour guide for my dad and I taking us around and we had some goooooooooood eats for sure. 

Some of the best food I got to share with Nurgle_Snurgle, BlushingNoiseMarine, Mubin, and Tanya! We got a new variation of hot pot that I hadn't tried before, delicious. Then we had ice cream, also delicious. The best part of that day had to be us hanging out and just chatting the whole time, even going back to the Play On office and talking for another 2 hours after food. It was the best way to finish my trip.

Returning home again was straightforward. Managed to get a good tailwind and get back to Chicago early, then just the drive home to the wife and dogs.

It was so good to see my friends again, and meet some friends in person for the first time as well. I'm always grateful for this community and all it has given me, but it's times like these that really drive home how much Warhammer and the mini painting community has changed my life for the better and I'm so grateful to all of you for welcoming me and those like me.

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  • Absolutely loved seeing these on Play On, your designs are phenomenal and you played a fantastic game. Glad you had a good time in Vancouver, and it’s so awesome seeing you get your dad into the hobby. Thank you!

    Qwin on

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